Elise Kalokerinos

Lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Researching emotion, motivation, and self-regulation.

About Me

I’m a Lecturer in the Ethics and Well-being Hub in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where I co-direct the FEEL lab.

My primary line of research centers on self-regulation, with a focus on emotion regulation. I investigate how factors like context, timing, and goals can shape which strategies people choose to regulate their emotions, and how successful those strategies are both in the short term (in changing emotions) and in the long term (in shaping psychological well-being and maladjustment). My work uses multiple methods, including laboratory and online experiments, field experiments and surveys, longitudinal methods, and daily life methods. Much of my recent work uses experience sampling methods, in which I send participants many short surveys on smartphones during their normal daily lives.